Howdy! I’m Nate and this is my website. I use this place mostly as an outlet for various creative projects – cartography, coding, data-vis, writing, perhaps some sewing eventually if I can get around to photographing things.

A bit about me: First off, I’m a human, and have most of the standard human interests, flaws, etc. (One just has to get that out of the way these days). Beside that stuff, one of my major interests is transportation; I’ve hated cars since I was just a wee boy growing up in the suburbs – bikes and buses and long, winding Amtrak trains are where I’ve always felt most at home. I also really enjoy thinking about communication, whether verbal, graphic, formal, or otherwise. I can go down some real rabbit holes if I catch wind of a Latin cognate I hadn’t noticed before.

I’m a planner/geographer by training, though more of an artist/designer by affiliation. I have a recently acquired PhD in planning (seriously didn’t know those were a thing until I started one) though my hope was always to push that work more toward cartography and visual/spatial communication. I ended up with a lot of experience modelling transit reliability instead, though that’s useful too if I can tell an interesting story with it. My partner is a full-time artist – our apartment is a studio – and some of the most interesting people I get to meet always seem to be dogged by some muse or other.

Anyhoo, I’m always happy to chat with new people – please feel free to reach out if anything here catches your eye. I’m looking for full-time work, so any leads on a job are especially appreciated.