Nate Wessel

Hello World!

My name is Nate and this is my website. It, like me, has gradually become a disorganized jumble of conflicting thoughts, unfinished projects, and partially-realized ambitions. I’ve designed it on purpose with no clear hierarchy nor top-down means of navigation; I haven’t yet been able to impress such clear order onto myself and it seems best to me in general to present something only in the way that I actually understand it, without too many shortcuts or simplifications.

I work in data visualization and the above is perhaps the worst intro to my portfolio that seems possible. And yet, the task of introspecting is so much harder than explaining a geographic pattern, or a trend over time. That’s the easy stuff. I enjoy the process of trying to explain something as a means toward more fully digesting and understanding that thing. And so an eponymous website has become an irresistible opportunity for rumination.

Take a look around if you want; but it’s not really for you :-)