Nate Wessel

Cincinnati Bike Map hits the presses

September 2014

After months of hard work, the Cincinnati Bike Map has climbed off my shoulders and taken wing. Well, at least it’s perched and fully prepared to start flapping; the map is now on the presses and I will soon take delivery of nine thousand new paper friends!

Take a look at the current web-optimized PNG of the full map here.

I’ll be presenting on the project at the NACIS conference this October, and there should be a paper coming out once I get around to submitting it. Once that happens, expect me to post something over on the Cincinnati Transit Blog.

In the meantime, here are a few illustrative images of the map.

Cincinnati Bike Map
Cincinnati Bike Map
Cincinnati Bike Map
Cincinnati Bike Map
Cincinnati Bicycle Map

If you’d like to help me distribute maps around Cincinnati, or just get one or two for yourself, please drop me a line!

I’d like to thank my sponsors for their generous support of the project:

The Haile US Bank Foundation

REI Cincinnati

Steve Magas

Urban Sites

The UC Department of Geography



And Justin Ogilby, Minh Nguyen, Queen City Bike, James Braye and Jack and Lyn Martin.

You rock guys! And soon you’ll rock with maps in your hands.