Nate Wessel

Dissertation Drafted!

May 2019

I’ve just finished a draft of my PhD dissertation and sent it to the committee for review before the initial defense. It’ll take until the end of the summer yet for the necessary readings and meetings and revisions to take place, and seeing as it just snowed about a week ago (it’s a very long process), I’ve decided to release the pre-print on SocArXiv to give this thing a bit more time to seep out into the world.

One of the things I found really disturbing in doing the lit review for the introduction was that there seem to be years-long gaps between the first evidence of an idea appearing online somewhere and the first evidence of that idea appearing in the academic literature. It was almost as though the point of “the literature” is to be the delayed, canonicalized version of whatever was happening online at the time.

So, with that critique in mind, here is the document with parts only slightly delayed from their inception.

The three interior chapters have been published in journals already or are working their way through that process now.