Nate Wessel

A thanks to John Adams

June 2016

As a ball circles a funnel, so in my distressed cogitations do I proceed round and round yet ever closer to that illusive and obvious dissertation topic that awaits me. I’ve been helped in my progress today, perturbed from my orbit, by a pleasant little book of essays which I found in the library, “Transportation Planning, Vision and Practice“, by John Adams, 1981. In my last post, I left off with the goal for myself of coming up with a thing in the world-of-transportation, which I thought worth fixing – something that bothered me enough to get at least a little bit worked up about it. I may finally have identified that thing! Not even the great and prosperous Toronto has this thing right.

But anyway, I was sitting in a nice little coffee shop in the Market today, having skipped ahead to the 16th chapter of Adams’ book, “Transportation for Luddites”. Being myself a Luddite on most matters of innovation, this one naturally appealed to me. Adams’ writing was good, too good for an academic, and by the time that I got to the section titled “freedom and control”, (p234-p237) which began with a quote from St. Augustine, he had me hooked.

Editors note: this thought just trails off here.