Charta Vitae

This project, still very much in progress, is an attempt to turn my dissatisfyingly linear curriculum vitae into a two dimensional charta vitae, or “map of life.”

The backstory is that way back in 2013, I turned my resume into a transit map. I really liked the look, and I actually (no kidding) learned some things about my self that weren’t totally clear before. The problem was that it would have been exceedingly tedious to update … and so I never did.

In parallel, I’d been playing around with WordPress developing my own sites and made a little agent-based, self-drawing transit map out of my site’s post metadata. It looked pretty crappy, but that was mostly bad color choices on my part – the idea was there.

This project is a sort of synthesis of the two. Events from my life are stored as custom WordPress posts types, and rendered dynamically with d3. I know it doesn’t look like much yet, but it’s got good bones and I have big dreams for it. The whole thing is available as a plugin.

One of those nodes up there is this project itself!