Visual Explanations

An image is often the best way to explain a concept, idea, or method. Here are a few of mine.

geometry of access poster

I made the above poster for the annual meeting of the Transportation Research Board, early in my master’s. There was a good deal of talk at the time about consolidating/re-spacing the local transit agency’s bus stops and I wanted to clarify some of the theoretical implications of this effort. Here is a PDF of the poster.

Diagram of transit bunching as the result of a minor delay to one vehicle

This was part of a fun little blog post attempting to explain bus bunching. I find that here in Toronto this concept is generally pretty well understood but in Cincinnati it was a source of frequent consternation. The squirrel is attributable to this horrifyingly adorable video.

vector illustration

Part of the fourth chapter of my dissertation, this image shows the way alternate transit/walking routes could be used to reach the same destination and the way that information was encoded.

This simple little maplet illustrates the need for map-matching as part of a process for analyzing GPS data.