Nate Wessel

Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada

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Started: 2020-06-29 and still going

I’ve just begun working here as a “GIS Researcher”, essentially doing web-mapping and GIS in support of several foundation programs that I am only now becoming familiar with.

This is my first real job out of grad school (cf.), and I’m pretty excited about finally having not only a schedule and regular human* contact, but HEALTH INSURANCE.

Sidebar: Canada is famous for its “free healthcare”, though this is truly more than a bit of a misnomer. One can spend five years (or more) living here and filing taxes every year without getting access to this mystical free healthcare. One has.

Sidebar to the sidebar: when I say filing taxes, it’s important to note that I haven’t said “paying taxes” because filing taxes in Canada with a lowly grad school income means getting “back” more than was ever paid in.

Anyway, I’m excited. This should be a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to feeling useful again.

*by “human”, I mean near-real-time interactions with the digital impressions of what I suppose to be real people impressed upon my familiar desktop monitor. It is COVID days after all.

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