Nate Wessel


I am looking for work! … or something like that.

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What I’m looking for

I’m looking for work in GIS and/or transport planning, preferably in the public sector, and somewhere in Ontario. When I say ‘transport’, I mean anything but cars: bikes, transit, pedestrian mobility, freight, etc. Major bonus points if it can incorporate some cartographic design or data-science components.

My ideal job has either a flexible schedule or part time work. I would gladly accept full-time work but probably with the goal of eventually getting to something like part-time. I have a lot of side projects and I don’t want to see them totally sidelined by an endless 9-5.

That being said, I really am looking for something to get more invested in. I’ve spent too much time over the last few years working alone and I’m very keen to get back into a long-term, collaborative project of some kind. I’m not terribly particular about what that project might be, so long as it’s something I can contribute to.