Nate Wessel



You can call me "Doctor" now.

August, '19

Dissertation Drafted!

Pre-proof dissertation available online

May, '19

Transit Accessibility and Imperfect Route-choice

New pre-proof paper available

April, '19


A goal painfully accomplished.

October, '18

Mapping Modal Hierarchy

The first cartography thing I've done in a while.

October, '17


A wandering thought.

July, '16

A thanks to John Adams

June, '16

A moment of academic, existential dread

Trying to figure out what to do with my life.

May, '16

Radial KDE Visualization for Directed Flows

Another episode in my ongoing adventures with kernel density estimation

April, '16

osm2po’s “flag” field explained

Silly rabbit, binary is for computers!

March, '16

Fashionable excuses

An attempt at self-encouragement.

December, '15

Upcoming presentation at AAG 2016

Some polite academic horn-tooting.

December, '15

Rethinking the Urban Bike Map

A quick note about my first publication.

November, '15

Coming back to life

Revisiting the blog after a while apart.

September, '15

On to Toronto

An expatriation

May, '15

“Who decides what goes on the map?”

A rebuttal to 'anti-colonial' cartographers.

April, '15

Personal Cartographic Conventions

February, '15

Bicycle Leathers – Part I

A fashionable update.

September, '14

Cincinnati Bike Map hits the presses

Big news and a thanks to sponsors

September, '14

Bike map in the making

A new project in the works

January, '14

I’m in grad school!

So long unemployment!

December, '13