Nate Wessel

Why do I have a website?

This website is a sort of personal project which I don’t actually expect anyone to notice or read — a diary of sorts, and a place to organize and clarify my thoughts.

Why then make it public? Why serve it unto the wide world?

I think some of my ideas are interesting enough to be published, though I don’t feel the need to push them at the moment by submitting op-eds or the like. I also like the thought that someone might read this stuff, which provides just enough pressure for me to write well or at least clearly, something that I find to be a worthy end in itself.

Finally, and regrettably, I feel the economic pressure to advertise myself and my “accomplishments” in order to find work that at all fits my skills. We’ve all seen people’s “professional websites” and I hope this never becomes one of those nor I one of them. And yet — until I come out from underemployment, here we are.