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Discovering The Space-time Dimensions of Schedule Padding and Delay

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Started 2015 and ended 2017

My master’s thesis attempts to identify schedule padding in transit schedules. Padding is when time is added to a schedule, making it slower and more conservative in anticipation of possible delay. There was amazingly little attention given to schedule padding in the literature at the time (still, I think), and I was interested in it because the transit line I used every day consistently made drivers wait before my stop in order for the schedule to catch up. I wanted to know how much delay was caused like this by the schedules themselves rather than actual delays.

Preliminary research was presented at the annual meeting of the American Association of Geographers in 2015 in Chicago before I defended the complete thesis (successfully!) back in Cincinnati.

Nate Wessel – masters thesis (2015)Download

My advisor was and is a fiend for academic papers, so the thesis was also turned into a shorter article length piece and published in the Journal of Geographical Systems. A pre-proof of that paper is available here.

Also: I wrote the wikipedia page on the topic, which thankfully has now been expanded a bit.

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