Nate Wessel

Master’s in Geography

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Started 2013-08-25 and ended 2015-06

When I graduated from undergrad, what I knew about grad school was that my parents had preemptively declined to pay for it. Fine by me! I never liked school much anyway, and by my fifth year of planning school, I was pretty much done with all that.

I went looking for work when I graduated. There wasn’t any. I started my own “company” and starting working independently in planning with the desperation of a fledgling just booted from the nest and still approaching the ground. As my savings ran down, I sat in coffee shops making maps and writing about transit. I attended public talks on transit (and even gave a couple – the nerve!).

One day at one such event, there to hear the inimitable Jarrett Walker, I was pounding through the snack table as young people do and making small talk, primarily lamenting the state of transit and the impossibility of finding work. Jarrett gave me a shout-out in his presentation (swoon!), and I went off smugly, probably to a coffee shop to do some more writing and general lamentation over transit in America.

(story to be continued)

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